My friend and partner in the fight against bullying seems to be in the exact same struggle with her daughter's school in New Jeesey that I had here in Virginia that started this journey for me.

That begs the question. Do the schools have a play book they go by when they are dealing with the parents of bullied children?

In both cases, the bullying was so severe that we had to remove our children because they no longer felt safe going to school.

In both cases, a transfer was asked for and denied with the school first blaming the children and then offering to "work things out" internally.

In both cases, the bullies names and the disiplinary actions were kept from us but we were theeatened that our children's names would be released if we pursued things further.

We were also threatened with truancy. I didn't let it get that far. I threatened them with Twitter and the local media and very shortly they backed down and I re wives my choice of schools. That's the short version for me. There was a bit more than that. For Vicky they actually did ca the truancy officer on her.

I however did not let that go. I got on Twitter as soon as I heard it and begged anyone in New Jersey who could to get involved. Shortly thereafter the school called her with work to pick up for her daughter and so did a reporter!

The simulators of our cases are just too close for comfort. We thought about and started some research. So far we found that in her area instances of bullying have to be reported to certain officials and it affects the schools report card or ratings. Seems like a cover up reason if I ever heard one.

I suspect funding has something to do with it in my stare. I have been a little busy today helping Vicky to do the research but we an to research the laws at some point in all of the states and post them on the website.

Parents need to be more informed and empowered and we plan to provide the support they need. Education is key. School use our ignorance against us and in a sense bully us

This has to stop. Join us in the fight for better education for everyone and safer schools!


01/11/2013 6:41pm

forgive my spelling! Was blogging on my phone!!


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