I was driving this morning, looking at all of the bare trees along the side of the road, and I realized how incredibly beautiful they were. How much more I liked them than a tree covered with it's spring, summer and fall multi-colored leaves. I thought to myself, "those are just window dressings." Trees are like souls to me and so much more beautiful when they are bare.

I have a painting in my living room. The moment I saw it haning in the store, I had to have it. It completely captivated me. It's bare silver trunk and branches shimmered against it's bronze background. It called to me because at the time, I felt so raw, so bare.

I tell you all of this because it reminds me of something I once read by Mr. Tyler Perry that has stuck with me ever since. I am not directly quoting him but paraphrasing to the best of my ability and if you have any questions, I suggest you seek him out.

People are like trees and there are 3 kinds. Leaf people, branch people and root people. There will be a lot of leaf people in your life and they are there but will blow away at the first sign of trouble. Branch people will try to stick in there with you for as long as they can but evenually when the winds are strong enough, they will break off. But root pepole are the stongest. They are dug down so deep. They will be there through all of the storms. You will not break them and they hold up the tree. You are the tree. Take care of your root people. if you only have one or two good root people then you are very blessed because the rest are just window dressing.

Anyway, I thank Mr. Perry for that. I know they aren't his exact words, but the thought is what counts. I am blessed to have some wonderful root people. I may be a very bare tree, but I will be stronger for it. So will you.

With Much Affection,

Jennifer Simmons Rau
Founder With Love


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